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Wrapped In Wire is your source for the electronic revolution! Industrial music, electronica, techno, metal, goth, darkwave, EBM, synthpop, cybercore, alternative, weird noise, and more underground music reviewed for your aural urges. We support the digital revolution with over 970 music CD reviews, used CDs for sale, weird links, an art gallery, humor, music news and plain old weirdness, grossness, obscurity, sex, and it's all free! We don't have MP3s for download, but we do provide MP3 links, as well as links to the best industrial music sites, bands, and news. We accept submissions and demo tapes for review. Wrapped IN Wire, the best industrial music and electronic music resource on the net! industrial, mp3, music, electro, electronic, electronica, review, reviews, cybercore, cyberwave, darkwave, goth, gothic, metal, synth, weird, wierd , strange, links, deranged, dark, crazy, experiment, experimental, synthesizer, analog, 303, evils toy, covenant, leatherstrip, leaetherstrip, leather strip,leaether strip, wumpscut, :wumpscut:, front 242, nin, ministry, kmfdm, techno, underground, humor, humour, sex, free, cool, best, top, babe, rabies, Darklight, wrapped in wire, music exile, wiw, Toronto, Canada, Metropolis, WaxTrax, 21st Circuitry, Reconstriction, Cleopatra, Off Beat, Zoth Ommog, Darcege, xxx, music reviewed for free,no download filez or warez and mp3z, sex is fun, but industrial music reviews and free digital music is cooler