Album: "Analogue Bubblebath IV" (1994)
Label: Rephlex
Style: Techno
Songs: 5


Reviewed by: Nicholas

The first track on this CD, "Elephant Song", makes me think that AFX is where Richard throws all of the crap that isn't good enough for an Aphex Twin release. This song has the most annoying rave scream sample I've ever heard, and I was forced to hear it again and again as it repeated to the point that everyone in the room agreed that we would skip to the next rack and never listen to the first one again. Let us try to forget that unfortunate song and only thing about the next four. Track 2, "Cuckoo", goes back to the old Aphex/AFX sound of straight techno "fun" songs made out of quirky sounds tinkling about and an easy techno rhythm. Track 3, "Gibbon", has some nice laser sounds zipping around, but ends up being boring. Too often so far on this disc I have heard those nice sounds that only RDJ makes being misused and abused for dancefloor consumption. Track 4, "Sloth", Has some hissing clicky rhythms in the back with a single tone being hit over and over, then some drones come in and save it from being completely worthless but do not save it from being completely boring. Track 5, "Kneivel", is an excerpt from an interview with the daredevil using modifications on the voices. It is a CD only track, but I don't feel especially honored to have heard it. These songs are nice and all, but by 1994 Richard was already doing stuff that was far superior and he really should have known better. This is not up to RDJ's abilities so he gets penalized.