Album: "Suspension of Disbelief" (2000)
Label: Tooth & Nail Records
Style: Industrial rock
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

After five years of silence, the christian industrial music project known as Argyle Park returns. A while back Argyle Park received some criticism from the Christian community stating that the music on their debut release Misguided was not very christian due to it’s extremely dark, angry and negative content. The musicians of the band were outraged by these accusations and decided to end the project. However, the fans spoke out demanding another Argyle Park release. It only made sense that people would want more music from a project as unique and interesting as Argyle Park.
       The original Argyle Park project was headed by Buka and Klay Scott (Circle of Dust/Celldweller). Somewhere down the line Buka decided to create a new Argyle Park album, but Klay wasn’t going to be a part of it. So Dan Levler of the band Level took Klay’s spot and AP2 was born.
        AP2 Suspension of Disbelief is basically a new Argyle Park release. Everything that made Misguided such a treat to listen to returns on this powerful album. The CD opens with the instrumental track “The End”. It features vocal samples taken from Misguided. I assume that this track is AP2's way of saying that Argyle Park has ended and AP2 has begun.
        Track two “Heroin Hate” is an intense fast paced energetic guitar thrashing industrial rock song that is aggressive, but does calm down a bit along the way with electronics coming in along with clean melodic male singing.
        Track three “My Sympathies” mixes shouting male vocals with drum & bass music and guitars. It also calms down during its playing course with beautiful synth melodies joined by well sung clean vocals provided by Klay Scott.
        Track four “A Thousand Terrible Things” is a dark ambient instrumental that seems out of place. I consider it just filler that gets in the way of the other songs.
        Track five “Silhouette of Rage” is another heavy and aggressive industrial rock song that mixes angry vocals with guitars and creative sounding electronic effects.
        Track six “A New Wound” starts off slow and melodic with dark ambient music and soothing male vocals. But it explodes into anger and aggression along the way featuring yelling vocals and guitars.
        Track seven “The Red Shirt Conspiracy” is a pure hard and heavy straight forward punk thrash assault with vocals shouting, guitars thrashing and drums smashing.
        Track eight “The Pact” is a dark instrumental with chanting and an earthly edge very similar to that of Delerium. It’s a well placed instrumental that works.
        Track nine “Resurrection of the Ravens” is an amazing and emotional song with a clean polish. It’s energetic with techno electronics combined with beautiful synth harmonies. The singing is performed by Klay Scott, and really compliments the overall song.
        Track ten “Goodbye” is a medium paced dark electro track with a lot of layered sounds and solid drum beats. The singing is moody and melodic.
        Track eleven “The Only Man I Know” is another guitar driven industrial rock song with good melody and structure combined with well sung harmonic male vocals.
        Track twelve “Cold Breath of Sorrow” is a short dark and noisy experimental instrumental that ends the album. If you’re a fan of heavy industrial rock music, you can’t miss this AP2 album. It’s loaded with creativity, variety and energy. Each song is different, and they all go together well.