Album: "Digital Revolution"
Label: N/A (2001)
Style: Industrial Rock
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

Absence of Faith is a three man industrial rock band that incorporate more industrial into their music than rock. The music here is created with guitar, bass, drums and electronic programming. The vocals are slightly high toned and remind me of Seibold from Hate Dept.. Actually, this band sounds very similar to early Hate Dept..

Surpisingly, the music sounds very electronic. The guitar and bass elements are hidden behind the programming, sampling and distortion. But the song structures come off like rock instead of electro-industrial or EBM. Actually, there's a punk vibe here as well making this music sound almost like digital hardcore.

All of the songs are energetic with fast paced rhythms, beats and a heavy edge. But there seems to be too much distortion over everything giving the album a somewhat amateur sound. Also, there's a campy feel to the music preventing it from being taken seriously. But that could be the intention.

Basically, this album is less for fans of electro-industrial/EBM, and more for fans of American guitar industrial crossover music with a rock and punk sound.

This album has a lot of good ideas and catchy moments showing a lot of potential in this act. But right now I just can't get into their music. The alt rock sound combined with digital hardcore just doesn't work for me. Even the decent cover of Billy Idol's "White Wedding" isn't enough to convince me. But this would be a good CD for fans of American guitar industrial.