Album: "Angbad"
Label: One Ring Records
Style: Industrial/Darkwave
Songs: 13


Reviewed by: Darklight

Acid Ice Flows is the solo electro-industrial/darkwave project of Gollum. Right away this CD has a somewhat amateurish sound to it. That's not to say there isn't potential here, because there is. But while there are good ideas, I can't deny the fact that this sounds like music from someone just learning how to make it.

There's a rather empty and muffled sound to everything giving it a low budget sound. The electronic programming and background melodies are cookie cutter, and the vocals are slightly high in tone and could use improvement. There are also occasions where the vocals are so distorted that not one word of the lyrics can be made out.

For the most part all of the songs sound the same offering mid-tempo sound layering, dreary beats, dark melodies and slightly altered high pitched male vocals. The sound is a mix of industrial and gothic coming off mostly as darkwave.

Overall this is decent music with a lot of interesting elements, but its low budget amateurish sound brings it down. There's really nothing about this CD that makes it recommendable. But this is definitely an act to keep an eye on as I feel with more practice Gollum will obtain the skills to really make some impressive music.