Album: "Legitimate Military Targets" (2000)
Label: N/A
Style: Industrial Metal
Songs: 5


Reviewed by: Darklight

Action Directe is your typical hard and heavy rock/metal band. Their music consists of thrashy guitars, bass, hard driving drum beats and deep angry male vocals that shout out the lyrics over the loud music. In the mix are electronic sound effects and samples making the music sound a bit fuller. The five songs featured on this EP are extrememly short only playing for two to three minutes. But considering the fact that they're all rather repetitive and redundant, their short playing times aren't really an issue. Overall this isn't a bad band. They do put songs together quite well. But they're not that original, either. You have heard this same kind of music done many times before. The electronics and sampling does help to improve the overall sound, but not enough to allow these songs to stand out. If you enjoy heavy rock/metal music with a touch of industrial, you will probably like Action Directe. They're a solid band that do create rocking songs.