Album: "Organic" (2001)
Label: Interbeat Records
Style: Electro industrial / EBM / Synth-pop
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

This CD kicks off with “Lost”...a song that blows you away right from the very beginning. The band made a wise choice making it the opening track to this stellar album. And the album never stops throwing the hits out at you. Each and every song offered here is a treat to listen to and will have you coming back for more.

Those familiar with Neuroactive will recognize the singer here. K. Karjalainen of Neuroactive is also the singer for this band, and at times the songs on this album sound a lot like Neuroactive. But overall this is a rather energetic and aggressive EBM act with some heavy guitar riffs thrown into the mix at times as well. So this album definitely offers a lot of variety. Some tracks will have the clubfloors packed, while others are a little more melodic leaning toward synth-pop. But even the more melodic songs have a dark edge about them.

The music consists of well layered hyper electronic programming, slamming bass beats, dark melodies and passionate emotional vocals that release both anger and harmony. What I really admire about this band is their superb genre mixing. The songs switch styles within them as opposed to just switching from track to track. This allows for the songs to throw a lot at you during their playing course. And that is what makes them so enjoyable and entertaining. So while you might think that you are listening to a melodic synth-pop track, chances are heavy guitar is going to kick in and the song is going to become angry and aggressive. Basically, you never know what to expect. But this isn’t guitar heavy industrial rock music by any stretch. This music is primarily constructed with electronics and synths with only the occasional guitar to add a bit more heaviness to the sound at times. The vocals are always clean and untreated. As many of you already know, K. Karjalainen is a very talented vocalist that has the ability to sing smoothly as well as rough and angry.

There’s really nothing to complain about on this CD. If you enjoy a hybrid of different genres of music all blended into one, you should definitely check it out. It’s a very quality release.