Album: "Arterial Spray And Cattle Mutilations" (1997)
Label: Decibel
Style: Electro Metal
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

This album mixes a lot of variety from one song to the next. It opens with "Drained Of Fluids" which is a pure dark electronic instrumental. It's a good opening piece. The next song "Ants, Sheep, Drunks, And Whores" is pure heavy aggressive guitar thrashing deep vocal yelling industrial metal. It's straight forward and doesn't offer a lot to an electro purist. Song three "Liber Hate" is another industrial metal song with more touches of electronics which makes it a little more interesting. Song four "The Devine Molestation" is a dark ambient instrumental track with samples. Song five "Afterbirth" is another metal song with slight touches of electronics. Song six "Love Under Will" is a rather slow moving generic sounding rock song. Song seven "V" is just a short track with a sample of a guy using profanity. Song eight "Zombie March" is another metal song. Song nine "Attrition" is a dark ambient instrumental. Song ten "Ten Kingdoms" is the best song on the album. It's actually an electro industrial song that doesn't sound like generic metal music. It's well done and is the direction that I hope the band goes in the future. Song eleven "Unhealthy Associations" is another electro industrial song that is very well done. Song twelve "The Power Of One Bullet" is a slow instrumental that ends the album. This album seems more like a compilation than something put together by one band. Variety is a good thing, but there is just too much that is different here. I will admit that everything delivered on this album is very well done and will please fans of industrial metal music. But if you prefer electro industrial or EBM music, there isn't too much here that you will get excited about.