Album: "Unburied" (1997)
Label: Zoth Ommog
Style: Electro Industrial
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

Allied Vision is a one man band from Spain that appears to have a lot of Leaether Strip and :wumpscut: influences. This album delivers extremely angry, noisy and violent music with a dark haunting edge and distorted growling vocals. It almost seems like a soundtrack to an ancient war. It's chaotic madness that doesn't relax for a second. Once the album begins it delivers insane intensity until it ends. It never gives you a break from its assault. The music is constructed with various electronic sound effects, drum programming, eerie keyboard melodies and samples. Nothing is really structured as it's just very noisy and all over the place. There are slight rhythms and beats, but nothing that could really work on the dance floor. This music is very experimental, but still manages to pull you in. The vocals are extremely distorted and basically just shout with rage. I was glad to see that there is only one instrumental to be found here. Nine of the songs do include vocals. However, the singing doesn't really change from track to track. Actually, the songs in general all kind of sound the same. They have slight differences to them, but not enough to really make any stand out. I would have liked more variety included in them. They all play at the same pace and have the same noisy sound. The vocals are just placed over the electronic insanity. This is how it is for every track. It's as if the album is delivering one long playing song instead of ten separate ones. While there really isn't anything original to be found here, it's still a very quality release that will please those who enjoy extremely angry and noisy dark electro industrial music.