Album: self-titled (1999)
Label: Etrurian Records
Style: Goth/experimental/rock
Songs: 4


Reviewed by: Darklight

The four songs contained on this CD are all quite different from each other. Song one "Bella Morte" is a cold, dark and dreary track featuring middle eastern style keyboard melodies, deep thumping tribal drums, electric guitars and gothic male vocals. Song two "Animal Kingdom" is also a cold and dark track, but it's not as dreary. It has a bit more energy to it with faster paced drum beats and hyper electric guitars. The vocals are light and high pitched. Song three "Thorns To Ashes" is a long and boring experimental instrumental. It drags along at an extremely slow pace, and will most likely put you to sleep. Song four "Beautiful" is a funky rock song with an 80's glam sound to it. It's guitar, bass and drum driven with high pitched vocals. I really don't have any idea what direction this band wants to go with their sound. The first two songs are good, and would appeal to fans of bands such as DEEP FOREST, DELERIUM and ENIGMA. But the last two songs just aren't that good. It's hard to really know what a full length CD by this band would be like, but I personally feel that they should go the direction of "Bella Morte" and "Animal Kingdom" with all of their songs because they tend to do dreary goth music much better than experimental and rock.