Album: "The Dividing"
Label: Projekt (2002)
Style: Industrial
Songs: 11


Reviewed by: Darklight

Android Lust is the solo industrial music project of Shikhee. She is a very emotional and talented audio artist and singer. You don't just hear her music, you feel it.

This release offers a lot of variety throughout the eleven songs delivered. You're given heavy and aggressive industrial assaults, as well as more mellower dark and somber moods. All of the ingredients are present. The songs are created with vastly layered electronic programming, bass beats, dark melodies and Shikhee's emotionally charged vocals.

Shikhee has a unique voice, and it fits perfectly with her music. She unleashes her words with genuine feeling and pain. But she's able to do it in extremely addicting songs that you will want to hear over and over again.

This is not an EBM dance album. So don't go into it expecting that. While some songs are energetic and catchy enough for the dance floor, the majority of the CD is artistic and experimental in sound that will make you think more than move.

There's a good blend of somewhat heavy industrial songs and more toned down darkwave tracks that keep everything varied from start to finish. You can tell from listening to this recording that Shikhee poured a lot of herself into it.

As much as I enjoy straight up dance style industrial, EBM, synth-pop and future pop music, it's nice to hear something a little more thought provoking and emotional such as this Android Lust CD for a change. While there are a few tracks such as "Panic Wrought" that you can pick out of the crowd and crank loud, this overall album is best listened to as a whole. You really feel its emotional impact by hearing it from beginning to end.