Album: "Musical Conjurings From World of Illusion" (1998)
Label: Apitrag Records
Style: Industrial rock
Songs: 13


Reviewed by: Darklight

After listening to this CD I can't imagine why this band is not on a major recording label getting marketed and exposed everywhere. This CD has extremely high production values and is clean and polished throughout. The variety from song to song is excellent, and the diversity delivered in both the music and vocals is incredible. This project is headed by Criss Angel (vocals) and Klay Scott (secondary vocals/instruments/programming). Klay is best known for his band CIRCLE OF DUST. The sound presented here is that of guitar heavy industrial rock. The songs twist and turn with so much variety that you will have to listen to them multiple times just to try and take it all in. The music is constructed with layers upon layers of different instruments, electronic programming and dramatic keyboard melodies. It's fast paced and alive with energy. There are some really great sounds and effects to be heard here. It's nice to listen to music this creative and interesting. While the music stands on its own as being superb, the vocals are equally as impressive. Criss Angel does an excellent job of carrying a tune with melody, shouting out with anger, and sounding eerie as well. He definitely likes to sing with a lot of variety. Klay also provides some of his vocal work to add even more diversity to the songs. He tends to be used for a lot of the deeper more angrier moments. The vocals are filled with emotion and really pack a powerful punch. While the majority of the songs tend to rock hard with aggression, there are moodier and more melodic songs to be found here as well. If you like guitar crossover industrial music of any kind, this CD can't be missed.