Album: "Avatar"
Label: Metropolis Records (2004)
Style: EBM / Synth-pop
Songs: 17


Reviewed by: Darklight

I liked Angels & Agony's first release, but felt there was still some room for improvement. Thankfully, they have completely polished and refined their sound and style on this excellent follow-up.

They deliver a mix of EBM energy with synth-pop melody. The programming is nicely developed with appealing sounds, infectious beats and orchestrated soundscapes. The deep toned male vocals sing with power and passion unleasing great emotion.

This album offers a good mix of fast paced club tracks and mid-tempo songs. With seventeen tracks, there's a lot of music here. There are nice opening and closing instrumentals, as well as a couple of more experimental instrumental tracks that add variety.


Album: "Eternity" (2001)
Label: Out of Line
Style: Dark EBM
Songs: 11


Reviewed by: Darklight

Angels & Agony are a European dark EBM act that deliver a fairly impressive first effort with this disc. However, they appear to be content with simply doing things the same way that they have been done so many times before in this style of music. Hyper layered electro sounds, effects and beats overlay haunting melodies as thick accented male vocals speak out the lyrics in a rather dreary tone. While this isn’t necessarily a bad formula to follow, it has been done quite a lot already. So adding a little something different to their sound wouldn’t have hurt. But this is still a very quality release without featuring a single disappointing track.

There is a good helping of club tracks as well as more melodic pieces for added variety. Their overall sound is a combination of Assemblage 23 and VNV Nation. But they’re not quite at the same level as those acts yet in my opinion.

One problem that I have with this CD are the lyrics. They seem somewhat simple and not very creative. While some are quite well written, most are rather typical for this style of music which brings them down. Another problem with this CD is that a lot of the songs sound rather similar to each other. The entire album follows a pattern and doesn’t stray away from the initial sound first introduced. So once you’ve heard the first song here, you pretty much have a good idea what the rest of the album has to offer. If you really enjoy this style of music this shouldn’t be a problem, but I personally like a little more variety and diversity throughout the recordings that I listen to.

The bottom line is that this is a well done dark EBM album with a lot of enjoyable songs to listen to. But keep in mind that it’s rather typical for the genre and doesn‘t offer anything new or innovative. You will have the feeling that you’ve heard it before. But if you’re a huge fan of this style of music, you should be quite pleased with what this album has to offer.