Album: "Windowlicker" (1999)
Label: ?
Style: Experimental
Songs: 3


Reviewed by: Nicholas

This newest release by Richard James continues his tradition of creating new sounds to melt the brain. The first track, "windowlicker", showcases Richard's love for warping his voice into that of a twisted child singing an infectious melody. This melody is, as usual, brilliant and easily recognizable as his style. One thing that is noticeably different is that this track is not dominated by a furious drum and bass rhythm shooting about. I was beginning to fear that he would never outgrow putting speedy drum riffs behind all of his songs, but that type of structure is gone from all three tracks. Track two has a title that cannot be typed into this computer, and seems to be a collection of new and bizarre sounds that Richard has been toying with. I really enjoy listening to this and seeing what machines are now capable of, thinking that I will soon hear these sounds used in all intelligent music within the next few years. Track three is a softer piece with chimes, clicks and scrapes making up a nice little melodic song with soft rhythms behind it. The new video release is also available, featuring more latex masks of Richard (this time on scantily clad females) with some hilarious dialogue and dance moves. No fan of Aphex Twin will be disappointed in these new releases, except for the fact that they have only a few songs by this electronic genius.