Album: "Cain or an Open Vein" (1998)
Label: Hollow Hills
Style: Goth
Songs: 13


Reviewed by: Darklight

This is a dark and haunting gothic band that include quite a lot of variety on this release. The album opens with "Live @ The Scene" which is a rather fast paced dark electro instrumental. It pulls you in right away and is a good way to start things off. However, track two "Silver Nails" slows things down a lot with a drab, dull and repetitive musical approach that is dreary combined with whispering female vocals. Track three "Waiting For The End" is a more traditional old school goth rock song that sounds a lot like Human Drama. The music is less electronic and more organic with guitars, bass, heavy drum beats and clean well sung male vocals. It moves along at a medium pace and is a nice listen overall. Track four "Cain Or An Open Vein" is a slightly upbeat song with acoustic instruments and a funky vibe with both male and female vocals. It's rather structured without any electro elements. Track five "Slaughterhaus X" livens things up a bit with a horror feel and a chilling delivery with eerie male vocals and female screaming in the background. It's a heavier song with guitars, but also has its more orchestrated moments with dramatic keyboard melodies. It's a great song. Track six "Pour Paris" is slow paced and moody created mainly with bass, drums and harmonic keyboards. The vocals are female and sing very dreary. I find the song to be rather repetitive and boring. Track seven "Dead Quiet" has a dark mood and a heavy feel with rough guitar riffs and a fairly fast paced energy to it. The vocals are male for the most part with the occasional female singing for the chorus of the song. It's another one of the songs that I like a lot here. Track eight "Monsters" is a very fast paced and heavy rock song with thrashy guitars and electronic rhythms and beats combined with male vocals singing along to the music perfectly. Track nine "Time After Time" is a gothic cover of the Cyndi Lauper classic. While it's good, I feel that it could have been polished a little more. Track ten "Speaking Tongues" is a haunting song with dark orchestrated music and chilling male and female vocals. Track eleven "Elijah" is one of the catchier songs here that is very layered created with various instruments and both male and female singing with the structure of the song perfectly. Track twelve "Needle Dreams" is very fast paced and dramatic with guitars, drums and keyboards mixed with hyper female singing. It's a great goth rock song. Track thirteen "Anthem" is a more traditional goth song created with dreary music and clean deep male singing. It's rather slow paced and is a good way to end the album. While there really isn't a bad track to be found here, I do feel that some do stand out more than others. I think that this album will appeal to fans of more older style goth music. I myself kind of lean more toward new style electro goth with a lot of industrial influences. There really isn't enough electro elements here to satisfy me. But fans of traditional goth style music will enjoy this album a lot.