Album: "Aleatorical"
Label: D.O.R. (2003)
Style: Experimental electro
Songs: 19


Reviewed by: Darklight

The first thing that I noticed when I put this CD into my stereo is that the total playing time is 66:06. Clever. Unfortunately, that's about the only interesting thing about this album.

The music offered here is experimental electro void of structure. This type of music is also known as sound art. But I personally call it annoying, because that's exactly what it is. This is actually some of the most annoying "music" I've ever heard.

Basically, this is a minimalistic experimental electronic CD with intentional skipping and glitching. As if this music wouldn't have been bad enough on its own, it skips, pops and glitches in addition to sounding bad. Why would anyone actually want to listen to a CD that sounds defective?

The music itself is made up of various sporadik electro sounds and sampling. Sometimes the electronics are frantic and noisy coming and going skipping along the way. But there are also more ambient moments as well where almost nothing can be heard but some light monotone sound.

The bottom line is that this is some of the worst expeimental music I've heard, and I've heard a lot. Unless you like to torture yourself, I would suggest that you stay as far away as possible from this album.