Album: "Misguided" (1995)
Label: R.E.X.
Style: Cyber-Core
Songs: 16


Reviewed by: Darklight

If you're looking for variety, this album has it. The songs "Headscrew", "Agony", "Scarred For Life", "Leave Me Alone", "Violent", "Gutterboy", And "Skin Shed" all include hard-core aggressive guitar thrashing, drum slamming, electronics malfunctioning, haunting synths, samples, and slightly distorted screaming vocals. These seven songs just flat out rock. They have very catchy rhythms and beats with great uses of electronics, synths, and samples. No two sounds alike, either. Then there are "Futile", "A Burdens Folly", "Circle", "Diesel", "Og", "Misanthrope", and "Uffern" which are all very creative instrumentals with a lot of electronics and samples. Last but not least is the song "Doomsayer". This is a very aggressive Cyber-Core hip-hop song with a guest singer. It's extremely catchy, and just adds even more variety to this already incredibly diverse album. Not one song found on this album is generic. Everything is extremely creative. This album is a must for all electronic music lovers. There is something for everyone here.