Album: "Morgengrauen"
Label: Electric Blue (2003)
Style: EBM / Synth-pop
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

After many years of silence Armageddon Dildos returns as a solo project of Uwe Kanka, and it's an excellent return.

This is a pure upbeat and energetic EBM/synth-pop recording offering extremely infectious songs that will make you want to get up and move the second they start playing.

The electronic programming is multi-layered with a variety of sounds and effects combined with driving beats and dramatic melodies. Uwe's deep clear thick accented vocals sing with great power and passion, and his daughter Malin provides her seductive singing on several of the songs as well. All of the lyrics are in German, but are sung so well that I can feel the emotions without understanding the language.

Overall, there's a good mix of energetic club EBM and electro-pop to be enjoyed here.


Album: "Speed" (1997)
Label: RCA
Style: Industrial / Synth-pop
Songs: 11


Reviewed by: Darklight

This album is quite a change of pace for Armageddon Dildos. It sounds nothing like their previous release. The overall production is very clean and polished. The variety is simply amazing. No two songs sound alike. The songs "Blue Light", "Jealous Mindgame" and "Guilty" are energetic synth-pop tracks with clean vocals, upbeat electronics and guitar. The songs "1989/99", "Sexmonster" and "Escape" are aggressive heavy industrial tracks with angry vocals, fast paced electronic rhythms and beats, slamming drum assaults and thrashing guitars. The songs "Open Up Your Eyes" and "Condemned To Cry" are slow paced dark and moody synth-pop tracks that sound similar to Depeche Mode with deep sung vocals, ambient sounds and dramatic keyboard harmonies. The songs "Love Is The Only Thing That Matters" and "We Are What We Are" are extremely lame disco songs that are the only bad tracks to be found here. It's obvious that the band has matured and progressed with their overall sound. They are talented and really show off their musical muscle here. The singer has a great voice and can sing both melodically and with rage. There is a lot of range to his voice that he enjoys showing off from track to track. The music is tight and structured with sci-fi electronics, harmonic synths and guitars that do add to the sound layering. My main complaint here is that the songs are a bit short only playing for about four minutes each. Some of them are fine at this length, while others seem as if they end before they should. Also, the two disco songs should not be here. They're out of place in my opinion. But these are about the only gripes that I have. There is something for everyone on this album. By the way, don't be surprised if you can't get a lot of these songs out of your head. They are catchy and will stick with you after you have listened to them. So when you are caught humming one of these songs and someone asks what you are singing, tell them Armageddon Dildos. That alone is sure to get a humorous reaction.


Album: "Lost" (1995)
Label: Sire
Style: Cyber-Core
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

There is a lot of variety to be found on this album. No two songs sound alike. They each offer something different that make them distinctive. For the most part this is fairly aggressive Cyber-Core music featuring a lot of guitar. The vocals are slightly distorted, and the electronics are very apparent. The diverse sound on each song is what makes this album stand out. The best songs to be found here are "I Can't Remember", "Unite", "Too Far To Suicide", "Stupid Little Squeezer", "Germany", "Wonder land", and "Captured". Songs such as "Haut", "Bounds Of Love", and "Everyday Is Like Sunday" are decent, but don't stand out. And the songs "Stay Home" and "Uncle D." are lame disco songs. The vocals in all of the songs have a heavy German accent, and struggle with some of the English words at times. But they are still well done, and do change quite a lot. If you like aggressive guitar driven Cyber-Core music with a German touch, give this album a try.