Album: self-titled (1997)
Label: Invisible
Style: Electro Industrial
Songs: 11


Reviewed by: Darklight

This album delivers songs with a heavy and aggressive techno edge. Everything found here could work on the dance floor. However, each song is rather repetitive with some poorly written lyrics in my opinion. The vocals sound good when they are clean, but are basic when they are distorted. The music does have energy created with electronics, synths and samples, but the lyrics kind of ruin the songs. They are humor based and basically sing about nothing. While I don't like the lyrics too much, the vocals do add to the songs. They are basically deep distorted growling most of the time, but do get a little more melodic as well. The songs "Playmate", "Godprawn" and "Spooky Thoughts" lack vocals. They are simply instrumentals and do sound as if there should have been vocals included. There are also two remixes of the songs "Handyman" and "Good Doggy" that just seem like filler to add more songs. If you are looking for a high energy packed industrial dance album with nothing else to it, this would be a good choice. But if you like darker and deeper industrial music, you might want to pass.