Album: "Blunt Force Trauma"
Label: Noi Tekk (2002)
Style: Electro-industrial
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

Aslan Faction is the European dark electro-industrial project of Anthony Mather and Lee Lauer. They sound very similar to both Hocico and Suicide Commando. Basically, take the snarling distorted vocals from Hocico and place them over the somewhat minimalist noisy electro music of Suicide Commando and you have Aslan Faction. But they’re not simply a copycat band by any means. They include their own unique elements that allow them to stand out.

What’s offered on this CD are twelve intense and powerful dark, heavy and aggressive electro-industrial songs. This is a solid consistent release from beginning to end, so don’t expect any surprises here. Once you’ve heard the first track you pretty much know what to expect from the entire CD. But each song contains their own little diverse touches to allow them to stand apart.

The music is constructed with multi-layered chaotic noisy electronic programming, relentless powerful beats, movie samples and cold haunting synth melodies. The vocals are extremely distorted and growl and snarl with hate and anger along with the pummeling beats.

This is a tightly put together release with all of the songs placed in a nice order that allows everything to flow well. Also, there are no instrumentals or remixes. All twelve tracks are different delivering a good sized album that makes it worth its import price.

If you like dark, aggressive, heavily distorted electro-industrial music similar to Allied Vision, Concrete Nature, Grendel, Hocico, Suicide Commando, Velvet Acid Christ and :wumpscut:, then this Aslan Faction CD is for you.