Album: "Burn, Berlin, Burn" (1997)
Label: Grand Royal
Style: Techno Punk
Songs: 14


Reviewed by: Darklight

This is some extremely noisy music. It's basically just thrashy noise created by electronics, samples, guitars and drums. There is no structure to this music whatsoever. It's just a big mess. Placed over this noise is some screaming male and female vocals. They just yell at the top of their lungs. Every song on this album sounds exactly the same. This is some of the most repetitive music that I have heard before. There is no creativity or variety to be found here anywhere. This is not dance music. It's just straight forward and simplistic. It's meant strictly for the mosh pit and nowhere else. This entire album sounds like some amateur garage session by a bunch of angst ridden teens that have no musical talent whatsoever. It shows no effort or musical abilities at all. It just sounds like a few people screwing around. Sometimes the punk noise turns into lame hip-hop funk shit. The entire sound quality of this album is poor. It's scratchy and muffled with crackling and popping and just an overall dirty sound. I am sure that some teens out there will find this music appealing because it sounds so rebelious, but I doubt that it will appeal to any other audience.