Album: "The Iniquity of Time" (1999)
Label: Flaming Fish Music
Style: Electro industrial / Coldwave
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

This CD begins with “Time To Burn” which sounds a lot like Covenant. It’s rather dark and cold created with random electronic sounds and noises overlaid by deep dreary male vocals. Due to this track I instantly thought that Audio Paradox was going to be a Covenant clone. However, things get a lot more interesting with the next song “Collision”. It’s a faster more aggressive song with frantic beat driven electronic programming and heavy thrashy guitars combined with angry powerful vocals. The song rocks and is very emotional with a great mixture of electronics and guitars that work extremely well. The rest of the album follows in a similar direction with songs that combine elements of dark EBM and industrial rock with a slight gothic edge.
       While the songs stick to the same formula throughout the entire album, they do each offer something different to allow them to stand apart. Some are energy packed with guitars while others are mellower with a darkwave sound. This band definitely does a good job of mixing different genres of music together. A lot of industrial bands that use guitar in their music sound like rock or metal bands, but Audio Paradox uses the guitars as a layer along with the electronics so the two work together perfectly.
       Unfortunately there are two extremely bad instrumentals, “Underlines” and “Threshold”, included that sound completely out of place. I don’t mind an instrumental when it’s good and placed well on an album, but these two are annoying and just don’t blend well with any of the other songs. Considering that there are only ten tracks on this CD, two bad tracks do bring the album down a bit. But the other eight songs included here are really good and make the CD worth getting if you enjoy industrial music with a combination of guitars and goth elements.