Album: self-titled (2000)
Label: Projekt
Style: Goth
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

Audra is a clean, polished and quality goth band made up of two brothers. Bret Helm performs the singing, bass, keyboards and tambourine. Bart Helm performs the guitar, drum programming and organ. Both are very talented musicians that create nicely layered music featuring a good blend of passion and emotion. Bret has a great voice and sings extremely well. The lyrics are written like poetry and are interesting to listen to. There are touches of Dead Can Dance, Human Drama and Peter Murphy in these songs. If you enjoy those artists, you will most likely enjoy Audra as well. The overall feel of the music is dark and cold with a calm beauty. Some tracks are relaxing and orchestrated, while others are a bit faster paced with heavier touches of guitar and harder drum beats. So there's a good amount of variety to be found here. This CD is a quality production from beginning to end featuring superb songs all the way through. Those who enjoy dark dramatic gothic music with male vocals and an orchestrated edge should definitely check out this CD.