Album: "Evolution" (2001)
Label: Pivotal Records
Style: Experimental Electro
Songs: 3


Reviewed by: Darklight

Autocad is an experimental electro project. The three tracks offered here vary quite a bit. Track one is a funky musical journey full of lively retro sounds and grooves. Track two is completely different as itís extremely dark and cold with an industrial crunch. Track three sounds similar to track one offering funky tribal beats and an overall upbeat vibe.

All three of these tracks are instrumentals lacking any vocals or voice samples. The problem that I have with these tracks is that they are rather repetitive and sound basically the same from beginning to end. I personally like track two as itís dark with an industrial kick. But tracks one and three donít do anything for me.

The bottom line is that the music found here is done well and includes some interesting elements. But it doesnít really offer anything new or different. Also, I have heard a lot of other experimental electro music that I find a lot more interesting than this. Unless youíre a huge fan of this style of music, I would recommend that you try before you buy.