Album: "Relict" (2001)
Label: Unmutual Music
Style: Industrial Metal
Songs: 6


Reviewed by: Darklight

Binding is a two man industrial metal band. Basically, they create distorted metal music that features chugging guitar riffs, slamming drum beats and raw throated yelling mad vocals. Scratchy noisy electro sounds and effects are also buried in the music to give it more layering.

There are six songs offered here, and they all sound the same. Itís difficult to tell the different tracks apart. They all feature the same style of structures and choruses. Overall, the music is hard and heavy with an angry and aggressive vibe, but itís just not that entertaining. It sounds so standard and typical that there is nothing here that really held my interest or made me want to continue listening to the end.

There is a slight amateur sound to this album. While some of the ideas are good here, they are held back from sounding as good as they could due to a muddy muffled sound.

The bottom line is that Binding creates basic by-the-book industrial metal music that has been done to death already. If youíre a huge fan of this style of music you might want to check them out. Otherwise, I would suggest that you try before you buy.