Album: "Cervix State Sequences"
Label: DSBP (2000)
Style: Heavy industrial/EBM/electro
Songs: 15


Reviewed by: Darklight

Biopsy is the side-project of Aghast View members Guilherme Pires and Fabricio Viscardi. The songs offered on this CD sound like a mix of Aghast View, Psychopomps and Swamp Terrorists with a dash of Delerium thrown in for good measure. Basically, this album goes all over the place never really sticking with one style, and thatís part of its appeal.

The first half of the album is extremely loud, heavy and aggressive with songs that feature haywire electronics, slamming beats, manic sampling, chugging guitar riffs and deep shouted distorted male vocals. The songs almost sound like industrial metal, but include so many twists and turns that itís obvious that this isnít typical headbanger music. Everything is constructed rather experimentally with various tempos and moods coming and going constantly.

After the first half of the album ends, it starts delivering a few EBM songs without guitars as well as some tribal instrumentals that sound similar to Delerium. The end of the disc features remixes and more instrumentals.

With fifteen tracks you get a lot of music on this CD. But thereís a good chance that it wonít all appeal to you. Thereís quite a lot of heavy guitar used in most of the songs that most likely wonĎt appeal to electro purists. There are also quite a few mid-tempo enchanting instrumentals that electro-industrial/EBM fans might dislike. You have to really appreciate a wide spectrum of different electronic musical styles to fully enjoy this entire recording.

I admit that I didnít know what to think of this album at first as lounge, reggae and drum Ďní bass was combined with guitar heavy industrial. It all sounded a bit too strange for me and I wasnít quite sure if I liked it or not. But as I listened to it more I started to really enjoy its diversity. While I might not like a lot of the elements included here on their own, I do like them when theyíre mixed together into one sound as they are here. While the first couple of listens might take a while to digest, I think that youíll be reaching for this album often after you get use to it because itís definitely something different.