Album: "God And The Abyss" (1997)
Label: Iconflux
Style: Goth
Songs: 11


Reviewed by: Darklight

This is a goth rock band that actually rocks and they do it better than most. There is energy in most of these songs combined with melody and catchy rhythms and beats. What I like about this band is that they are not trying to be weird or different to stand out, but instead just make good quality music that you will want to listen to. But as with most albums, not everything delivered here is great. Track one "Beneath The Ocean Black" is a dull, dreary and repetitive instrumental that I just am not able to sit through. The album really begins with track two "Special One". This song packs a powerful punch that you just can't resist. It's a guitar heavy goth rock song that is straight forward and structured with great male shouting. Track three "Sane" is a bit moodier, but still has a lot of energy to it with thrashy guitar riffs and deep male singing combined with female singing at times as well. Track four "Nothing Here" is a slower paced song with an orchestrated edge and dramatic male singing and beautiful female singing. Track five "Ashes In The Rain" is a rather basic song with the typical and traditional goth sound to it. It's well done, but a little too generic for me to really enjoy. Track six "Precious" is a straight forward rock song with a good melody and well delivered male vocals. Track seven "The Very Last Goodbye" is a slow and dreary song that basically puts me to sleep. I find it to be too mellow. Track eight "God And The Abyss" is just an ambient instrumental that I skip right past because it's so boring and seems like filler to me. Track nine "Fever" is a punk goth song packed with major energy, heavy rhythms and beats and shouting male vocals. Track ten "Burning Kisses" plays at a medium pace and has an orchestrated edge with beautiful keyboard melodies, acoustic guitar and passionate male singing. I would call it a love song and I feel that it's really well done. Track eleven "Requiem" is a dramatic and orchestrated instrumental that I myself find to be rather drab. This is a quality album that fans of old school goth music will really enjoy. I myself felt that a lot of the songs here had an 80's vibe to them that I just can't really get into these days. I am more into the current electro/industrial/goth crossover stuff myself. But as far as more standard and traditional goth rock music goes, this album has some of the best that I have heard in a while. I could have done without the boring instrumentals, but there are still enough good songs here to make this album worthy of purchase for gothic music fans out there.