Album: "Hell" (1995)
Label: Casual Tonalitites
Style: Goth / Lounge
Songs: 13


Reviewed by: Darklight

This band mixes several musical styles into one. Put goth, lounge, jazz, blues, funk, alternative and pop together with somber female vocals and you get the songs found on this album. The music is created mainly with guitar, bass and drums. But there is the occasional electronic programming and synth melodies as well. The songs play at a slow to medium pace and feature a cold and dreary feel to them. However, there are some uplifting moments delivered as well. While these songs are quality, they have a familar sound to them. Nothing is really new or original. It reminds me a lot of RUBY and SNEAKER PIMPS. I wouldn't really recommend this album to fans of darkwave music. But those who enjoy more commercial sounding music with female vocals should like it.