Album: "Demon Kiss"
Label: Out of Line (2004)
Style: EBM/darkwave
Songs: 15


Reviewed by: Darklight

Chris Pohl returns with his lovely female singers to deliver the best Blutengel CD yet. This Demon Kiss album is a continuation of the sound delivered on Blutengel's previous recording Angel Dust, but offers more energy.

The songs are created with well layered electronic programming, heavy beats, haunting melodies and a combination of Chris' deep thick accented singing and seductive female singing provided by his gothic beauties.

This is somewhat energetic dark EBM with darkwave elements combined with a romantic vampire theme. The songs are powerful and emotional with a lot of feeling and mood


Album: "Angel Dust"
Label: Out of Line (2002)
Style: Dark EBM/darkwave
Songs: 16


Reviewed by: Darklight

Chris Pohl is one of the busiest individuals in the industrial/EBM/darkwave scene today. He has five music projects including: Blutengel, Pain Of Progress, Seelenkrank, Terminal Choice and Tumor. I would think that with juggling so many different projects his music would suffer because of it, but it doesnít. This latest Blutengel offering entitled "Angel Dust" is superb.

While I enjoyed the previous Blutengel release "Seelenschmerz", this Angel Dust recording surpasses it in overall polish and production. Basically, Chris has matured even more as a musician compiling songs of greater structure, atmosphere and melody while still retaining energetic rhythms and beats along with deep emotional singing.

"Seelenschmerz" mixed a lot of different styles including several orchestrated instrumentals, heavy industrial with distorted vocals and upbeat dark electro-pop with female singing. This "Angel Dust" album has much more focus sticking to a similar style from beginning to end. There are only three instrumentals that play at the beginning, middle and end of the disc. The other thirteen songs include vocals. And thereís a lot more female vocals this time. Some songs only include Chrisí vocals, some only include female vocals, and some include both together. This is great for diversity.

As I mentioned earlier, this recording sticks to a similar style all the way through. And that style is dark EBM/darkwave. There are no heavy electro-industrial songs offered here. Chris has decided to save those for his other projects. Every song here plays along at a rather mid-tempo pace. Some tracks are energetic enough for the dance floor, while others are darker and moodier better suited for other environments.

The music is made up of well layered and textured electronic programming and bass beats frantically playing over beautifully dark and haunting melodies. The singing by both Chris and his female guests is clean and clear with emotion and passion.

Everything about this album, from its packaging to its sound, has a gothic vibe. The CD book is nicely done with several professional photos of Chris and many beautiful women scantily dressed in gothic attire.

If you like darker more gothic moods in your electronic music along with passionate male and female vocals, you will definitely like this release.


Album: "Seelenschmerz"
Label: Out of Line (2001)
Style: Dark Electro industrial
Songs: 16


Reviewed by: Darklight

Blutengel is a Christian Pohl music project. You might be familiar with his other more popular and well known band Terminal Choice. But since Terminal Choice is a rather campy electro-industrial/metal hybrid with tongue-in-cheek lyrics, I was never really aware of just how mature and serious Christian could be as a musician. I didn't know of his true talents until hearing this amazing Blutengel release. Not only should Blutengel be his more popular project, it should be the one that he focuses more of his time and energy on promoting. Because, in my opinion, itís a much better project than Terminal Choice.

The music in these songs is dark and haunting with beautiful soundcsapes overlaid by energetic well layered electronic programming and beats. The vocals switch between male and female with duets on some tracks. Christian can really sing and carry a tune with melody. He proves that here often. He also, of course, has his more angrier distorted fits of rage similar to Terminal Choice.

The guest female singers have beautiful voices and add a nice element to the songs that they are included on. It would have been nice if they were used more. The vocals are sung in both English and German depending on the song. Thankfully, unlike Terminal Choice, the lyrics are well written.

Littered throughout the album are enchanting and mesmerizing dark orchestrated instrumentals that add another dimension to this CD.

Fans of The Dust Of Basement, In Strict Confidence and Líame Immortelle will especially enjoy this album. Itís a must for those who enjoy dark european electro-industrial with a dash of darkwave featuring both male and female singing.