Album: "Grip Life" (1995)
Label: None of the Above Music
Style: various industrial
Songs: 20


Reviewed by: Darklight

There are twenty tracks on this album, but it's not all the same style of music. There are eleven songs which are more traditional hard-core aggressive Cyber-Core music featuring guitars, electronics, and extremely distorted vocals that are shouted in a screaming rage. These songs rock, and are the best to be found on this album. But then there are nine more tracks on this album that are completely different. They are very mellow melodic instrumentals. A couple of them include slow singing, but the majority of them don't include vocals. So this album is actually two albums in one. Half of the album is Cyber-Core, while the other half is melodic electro industrial instrumentals. This is definitely a unique concept. The only complaint that I have is that all of the songs are a bit short, only reaching about three minutes each. The eleven Cyber-Core songs only take up 35 minutes of the 70 minute album. It's a shame that they're not longer, because that's pretty much their only downfall. But this album still has enough variety included on it to make it a good addition to your collection.