Album: "Currents Of Time" (1998)
Label: Tone Casualties
Style: Experimental
Songs: 14


Reviewed by: Darklight

This is an experimental music album featuring nothing but instrumentals. They are created with various musical instruments and sampling. However, this isn't really electronic music. Most of the musical instruments used here are organic such as guitars, bass, violins, horns and drums. Some of the music comes off sounding like swing or big band while some sounds like carnival music. It's all very strange for the most part. Everything is well done, but just seems like someone playing around with a bunch of musical instruments as opposed to sitting down and making some serious music. There are a lot of funky and comical moments to be found here. I would compare this material to that of Mr. Bungle. It's strange and out there and will appeal to those who definitely like something different. However, fans of industrial and goth music won't get anything from this.