Album: "Signal" (2001)
Label: Dercho-Music
Style: Goth Rock
Songs: 11


Reviewed by: Darklight

Boshetunmay is the goth rock project of brothers Harry and Witali Dercho. They present a fairly original sound on this recording not allowing their music to be easily compared to any other band before them. While there is an apparent goth feel to the music with dramatic vocals and haunting orchestrated soundscapes, there is also fast paced guitar riffs and slamming drum beats giving a slight alt-rock edge to the music as well. Some tracks are fairly straight forward and energy paced with mainly guitars and drums creating the sound, while others are more cold and dramatic with dark melodies and chilling atmospheres. Some tracks even offer up some electronic sounds and effects for a more technological layer.

This entire album is consistent with a polished recording quality to it. This is a talented act that should be signed to a major industrial/goth music label as opposed to being independently released. The band does a good job of contrasting the fast songs with the more melodic tracks giving enough variety to keep things interesting from beginning to end. I personally enjoy the tracks that feature a good helping of electronics the most, but there really isnít anything I dislike here.

My only complaint would be that a lot of the songs do sound rather similar to each other. This is mainly due to Harry singing the same way on almost each and every track. I think in the future he should try new and different things with his vocals.

The bottom line is that this is a definite must for fans of goth music looking for something a little different.