Album: "Bermuda Triangle"
Label: Catalyst Entertainment
Style: Experimental
Songs: 19


Reviewed by: Darklight

Buckethead is a solo experimental musician who, on stage, wears a Michael Myers style mask and an empty Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket on his head. You most likely saw him perform guitar on stage with Guns N Roses during the 2002 MTV Music Awards. Hes now the full-time lead guitarist for Guns N Roses.

On this "Bermuda Triangle" CD he delivers nineteen diverse experimental instrumentals created with funky electronic programming, haunting melodies, heavy beats, varied sampling and guitars. While experimental instrumentals arent really my thing, I must admit that Buckethead does indeed make interesting and entertaining music. Hes a talented musician with quite an imagination. He really mixes it up a lot on this CD delivering a creative musical journey for the mind.

Some tracks are relaxing, mellow and laid back-while others are full force maddening chaos. With nineteen tracks on this album you get a lot of music. So its definitely a long sound adventure. If you enjoy electronic experimental instrumental music with guitar, this Buckethead CD is definitely something to get.