Album: "Triple Threat"
Label: Neo Cultural Front Records (2004)
Style: Electro-pop
Songs: 3


Reviewed by: Darklight

Timothy Tyran (aka Bunker Soldier) returns with this three song EP entitled Triple Threat. And while there's a photo of him in the CD booklet screaming into a mic, he actually doesn't sing on any of the songs here.

Track one "Warlocked" sounds like a Delerium song with bass beats over Egyptian melodies as female chanting sings in the distance. Track two "Flying" is a straight up electro-pop song with female singing. And track three "Firewall" is an upbeat EBM instrumental. All three of these songs are great, especially "Flying".

Timothy is an excellent electronic musician. He does a fantastic job of blending varied sounds and beats over well orchestrated melodies. But it's my opinion that he should change the name of this project since it doesn't really go with the music he makes.

I look forward to the next Bunker Soldier release because I'm impressed with the songs on this EP, and want a full length album now.


Album: "Innuendo"
Label: Neo Cultural Front Records (2000)
Style: Electro-industrial
Songs: 14


Reviewed by: Darklight

From the name of this band to the angry picture of Tim Tyran (AKA Bunker Soldier) singing included in the CD book, I thought that the music contained on this disc was going to be heavy and aggressive industrial rock with a lot of growling vocals and guitar. However, it's actually mid-tempo electro-industrial with somewhat calm singing. The CD opens with two dark well orchestrated electronic instrumentals. The third song "Come To Me" is the first on the album to include vocals. It's a fairly fast paced song with driving rhythms and beats. It has an orchestrated synth edge to it as well. The vocals are a bit treated and somewhat high pitched in their tone. The remainder of the CD plays out with similar music. The overall sound contained here is electro-industrial with a touch of goth and 80's New Wave. This band does show promise, but there's a slight amateur production value to this CD. It could use a fuller sound with a more complete feeling. Also, I feel that some of the lyrics are rather poorly written. But there's still potential in this band, and this CD does feature some enjoyable songs. There are quite a lot of instrumentals on this album. They are good and rather interesting. Maybe even better than the songs with vocals. If you're interested in medium paced electro-industrial music with slight touches of goth and 80's New Wave, you should check out this Bunker Soldier CD.