Album: "First Bite" (1993)
Label: Bytet Music
Style: Electro industrial
Songs: 9


Reviewed by: Darklight

When I heard the first track "Prayer 4 TC" I couldn't help but laugh. It sounds like a techno square dancing song. It's quite humorous. I will admit that it's fast paced with a catchy groove, but still can't really be taken seriously. Song two "Time To Play" is a dark electro instrumental with upbeat electronic sequencing, orchestrated synths, drum programming and samples. It's good, but a bit straight forward and repetitive. Song three "Doubting Angels" is an emotional and melodic song with cold music and good deep male vocals that fit well. Song four "Chant 99" is a unique song with well done energetic electronic rhythms and beats combined with beautiful synth melodies and strange babbling/chanting type vocals. It would be great for the dance floor because it makes you want to get up and move. Song five "1/3 Of A Nation" is a very cool electro instrumental with a lot of layering to it. It has energy combined with harmony. Slight muffled talking can be heard in the background as well. Song six "Tension" mixes tribal drum beats with various layered electronic sound effects, harmonic synths and softly sung male vocals. Song seven "That Past" is dark and cold with eerie sounds combined with dreary electronics and slightly slow moving singing. It's moody and emotional. Song eight "The Next Step" is another electro instrumental that mixes sharp electronic sounds, bass beats and drum programming with haunting orchestrated synth melodies and samples. It's upbeat and layered, but a little repetitive. Song nine "Acid Jam" is a live track that is a bit strange with funky electronic rhythms and beats combined with odd voice samples. It's extremely repetitive and gets annoying quickly. While this album does deliver some good material, it does have a dated feel to it since it was recorded back in 1993. But if you're looking for something slightly different and rather unique with some strange elements thrown into the mix, this Bytet album is it.


Album: "Killer Sex Machina"
Label: KSM Records
Style: Electro industrial
Songs: 3


Reviewed by: Darklight

This is a CD single with two new Bytet songs and one Violet Black Orchid song. The two Bytet songs are excellent. Song one "Anything" is dark, cold and moody with dreary electro beats, haunting synths and beautiful female singing. Song two "Tension" is a little more upbeat with tribal drum beats, malfunctioning electronics, melodic synth harmonies and chilling female vocals. While these two songs are very good, I don't think that I could handle an entire album of this style. It's a little too dreary and slow moving for my tastes. The one Violet Black Orchid song "Kiss" is typical and rather generic dark electro industrial. The music is repetitive with standard sequencing, synths, drum programming and whispered distorted male vocals. It's nothing new or different.