Album: "Weld" (2001)
Label: Tone Casualties
Style: Experimental Electro
Songs: 13


Reviewed by: Darklight

Laurent Brondel, along with a few guest musicians, delivers some rather interesting and entertaining experimental electro instrumentals here. The music is quite engaging with a somewhat dark techno/trance edge to it that works. Layered electronic rhythms and beats play at a fairly fast pace over beautifully orchestrated melodies that float off in the distant. Voice samples are littered throughout the music to add another touch. There is a good balance between somewhat energetic tracks and more melodic dark ambient compositions. This allows for a good helping of variety, and keeps each new track sounding fresh and original.

I like the amount of creative ideas brought to this music as there is always something new being added into it. As with most albums of this type, there are songs that I do feel stand out more than others. There are a few here I could have done without due to their slow funky nature. But for the most part everything is rather enjoyable from beginning to end.

While Iím usually not the biggest fan of this style of music, I have to admit that this is some of the better and more interesting experimental electro Iíve heard in a while. It has just enough structure to hold everything together, while imaginative ideas are constantly being brought to the table. A few more energetic tracks and less slow dreary funky tracks would have made this album even better. But the bottom line is that if you enjoy experimental electro instrumental music with a dash of ambience, this is definitely one of the best albums you can get.