Album: "Darker" (1997)
Label: Wax Trax! Records
Style: Electro industrial
Songs: 9


Reviewed by: Darklight

C-Tec is Jean-Luc DeMeyer (Front 242), Marc Heal (Cubanate) and Ged Denton (Crisis N.T.I.). These three well known industrial musicians have come together to make some rather quality music. The songs on this album are a bit on the heavier side with uses of guitars, heavy drum beats and a lot of noise. The electronics are more techno based without a lot of layering or uses of synth melodies. Jean-Luc DeMeyer handles all vocal work with his clean accented voice. He sings exactly the same here as he does on his other project Cobalt 60. Everything delivered here is very energy packed and could work on the dance floor. This is aggressive music with more of a heavy industrial feel to it. There aren't really any dark or haunting elements included. It's basically straight forward in your face drum and bass infected electronic mayhem with a chaotic edge. The only song out of place is "Silent Voices". This is an extremely slow moving, dreary, ambient, experimental, spoken word track that is boring. It should not be on this album. It takes away from the mood. But it's the only song here that you will want to skip past considering that everything else is good. One of my favorite songs is "The Lost". It's a slower more dramatic and emotional track with great melody and harmonic singing. It's a good break from the heavier songs. Every song here does sound different with something of its own that makes it stand out. Some are straight foward for the dance floor, some are slower and more melodic, and some are noisy and experimental. I would have liked more than nine songs, but nine is still enough since they're quality tracks. I don't really consider this an amazing album. It's good, but not great. There are things that could have made it better. However, I don't really see anyone into electro industrial music disliking it.