Album: "is burning..." (2001)
Label: Bypass Records
Style: Dark Electro-pop
Songs: 14


Reviewed by: Darklight

CTRL has matured quite a bit on this release leaving the extremely distorted sound and overall poor recording quality from earlier efforts behind. Unfortunately, while the production and sound quality of this album is much improved, the songs themselves just arenít that interesting.
       There really is nothing on this disc that grabs me and makes me want to take notice. Everything is quite basic without a lot of creativity or interesting elements.
       The music is a combination of electro-pop and darkwave making for a rather strange hybrid that just doesnít really work for me. Thereís a touch of experimentation and orchestration as well mixed with frantic drum and bass beats blended with electronic sequencing and melodic keyboard harmonies.
       The vocals are slightly treated and sing in a somewhat high pitched whisper that never come off passionate or powerful. They just sing along with the music without ever adding any real emotion.
       Basically, this music just isnít that entertaining. The songs are rather tame and mild never including an aggressive edge. This is melodic dark electro-pop music with an alternative vibe.

While some people might find this music appealing, it just doesnít do a lot for me. I would recommend it to fans of darkwave music. However, fans of electro-industrial and EBM will probably want to pass on this as itís lacking the energy and clubfloor appeal of those genres of music. ††

Album: "Secure The Shadow" (1998)
Label: Analog Aether
Style: Electro industrial
Songs: 10


Reviewed by: Darklight

This band creates a mixture of different styles into the songs found here. While for the most part this is energetic electro industrial music, there are elements of coldwave and goth present as well. Combining these different genres into one make for some entertaining music. The music delivered here is constructed with dark orchestrated synth melodies overlayed by electronics, noisy distorted effects, sampling, guitar, bass and drum programming. The singing is slightly distorted with a bit of a high pitch to it. Some songs feature melody while others are more aggressive. It all comes together quite well to add variety to this album. Songs such as "Faqt", "Never Ever" and "Test Department" especially stand out in my opinion with their tight structures and overall catchy feel. There really isn't anything bad to be found here, but the extremely slow and cold darkwave style songs, while well done, are a bit boring and out of place. This band shows their true potential when they're angry and aggressive with songs that could work out on the dance floor.
      My main complaint here is that everything is kind of buried by irritating scratchy distortion. So while the band has obvious talent, it's the recording quality of this album that holds them back from sounding their best. This album is still good as it is now, but it would be even better if it was cleaned up. What this album does prove is that the band makes songs with structure, but still get very creative in the mix as well. They keep† everything interesting for the most part to prevent the listener from getting bored. But a cleaner and clearer sound without all of the distortion would really make them stand out.††