Album: "Blame" (1996)
Label: Sanction Music
Style: Cyber-Core
Songs: 9


Reviewed by: Darklight

Canister is a heavy industrial band that uses guitar, bass and drums to create the overall song structures. Electronics, synths and samples are used to a bare minimal here. The band distorts their music and vocals to prevent their sound from coming off as typical heavy rock. The overall music is rather dark, dreary and angry with hate filled rough growling vocals. While on the subject of vocals, this is kind of where the album falls short. The singer's voice isn't bad, but it sounds like he's using a cheap effects processor to alter his voice which gives off a rather amateur sound. Also, it sounds as if he could have practiced a little more before going into the recording studio. He never really manages to carry a tune. But when all is said and done, the vocals do fit with the music. The music itself is very bass and drum heavy. Guitars are what are mainly used to create the melodies. Some slight electronic sound effects are thrown into the mix as an afterthought. Synth harmonies play a part in some songs to help create a haunting mood. This is heavy and aggressive music for the most part, but it's not thrash punk. It's very dark and moody and comes off more as goth rock. This could be considered dark rock music with industrial touches. Each song manages to sound different, but they stay consistant with the overall feel of the album. This is a decent first effort, but does have a rather low budget amateur recording sound to it. I feel that the album could have been polished more and produced better. But if anything, this release does show that this is a band to keep an eye on in the future. With better recording quality and a little more practice, this band could become something great.