Album: self-titled (2003)
Label: Esion Media/Position Music
Style: Industrial Rock
Songs: 18


Reviewed by: Darklight

When Klay Scott announced that he was ending his Circle of Dust project, I was disappointed. But shortly after ending it, he announced that he would continue making music as Celldweller. When I heard the Celldweller EP that came out in 2000, I was pleased and wanted a full length release ASAP. Well, the wait turned into three long years. But it was worth it. This eighteen track self-titled Celldweller release could very well be album of the year. Itís that good.

Klayton is easily one of the most talented musicians Iíve heard before. He does everything on this CD. He sings, programs and plays guitar. And he does it all to perfection. Itís simply amazing that he alone is responsible for this entire album. There are so many creative and interesting ideas and elements here that itís hard to believe that it all came from only one person.

This is a long CD offering eighteen tracks. Only three are intermission filler called "cells". Theyíre basically extremely short electro ambient moments that lead into the songs. The remaining fifteen songs are each long playing tracks, and all sound diverse. Thereís something for just about everyone here. Industrial, rock, metal, techno, trance, rap, etc. Itís all in here, and done extremely well. But for the most part, this music is industrial rock. Basically, itís heavy guitar rock/metal music with a lot of electronic programming and synthesizers. What makes it so stellar is how Klayton layers everything and the amount of emotion it all offers. This is very intense and exciting music.

Klayton is a very powerful and passionate singer. He has incredible range to is voice and sings differently constantly. He can sing melodically and then shout out rage with ease. He even dabbles a little in rap as well. It really is amazing how many different ways he can sing. Occasionally, there are seductive female vocals included in the songs as well that are a welcomed addition to the music.

Iíve never heard a CD offer so much variety before. Some songs focus heavily on electronics, some on rock, some are dark somber ballads and some include all of these styles in one. The great thing about this recording is that it will appeal to so many people. Those who like industrial with guitars will like it just as much as those who like heavy rock and metal music.

My only nitpick with the CD is that I donít particularly care for the slow rock ballads offered here. While theyíre good for variety, theyíre also the most typical sounding songs on the album. Theyíre also the least electronic. But theyíre still well developed enough to hold my interest.

Thereís not one track here that I dislike. But, as with most albums, there are songs that stand out more than others. I especially like "Switchback", "The Last Firstborn", "Frozen", "Symbiont", "Own Little World", "Unlikely (Stay With Me)" and "One Good Reason". But, like I said, everything is good here. Thereís not a disappointing track in the bunch. And with eighteen tracks, thatís quite impressive. Also, all of the tracks are in a great playing order. The album begins and ends smoothly with fluidity.

If youíre a fan of industrial, rock, or metal music, this Celldweller CD canĎt be missed. Itís energetic, vibrant and alive with passion and emotion. Itís heavy and melodic all in one. This is definitely one of the better recordings Iíve heard in a while.


Album: "Limited Edition EP"
Label: Esion Media (2000)
Style: Industrial
Songs: 5


Reviewed by: Darklight

Klay Scott, best known for his previous industrial rock project Circle of Dust, is now making music as Celldweller. This limited edition EP gives an excellent sample of what the music of Celldweller is all about. Basically, it's not a big departure from the material found on the previous (and final) Circle of Dust release "Disengage". But this is fine by me as that disc contained some of the best industrial rock songs I've ever heard before. This EP is no different as it delivers the goods as well. Klayton is an extremely skilled and talented musician that sings, plays guitar and programs electronic music to pure perfection. He blends the right amount of anger, aggression and thrashiness with harmony and melody to make for heavy rocking songs that are packed with a lot of changing feelings and emotions. Klayton has a deep powerful voice with a lot of range. He can shout out anger and sing melodically just as well giving a lot of diversity to his vocals. He blends guitar rock with techno to make energetic and driving songs that are catchy. This EP contains three hard rocking heavy industrial tracks titled "Symbiont", "Own Little World" and "Fadeaway"; as well as two fast paced pure electronic instrumentals titled "Beginning of the End" and "Kemikal". These two instrumentals could be big club hits with their high bpm rates. This EP is a great taste of what the music of Celldweller has to offer.