Album: "Solaris" (2000)
Label: Metropolis Records
Style: EBM
Songs: 13


Reviewed by: Darklight

This is a solo electronic music project of Daniel Myer. He’s best known for his work with the band Haujobb, and Cleen. Since Haujobb went in an ambient/trance direction with their music, I figured that this project would be the same. But to my pleasant surprise the music of Cleaner is futuristic sci-fi style dance EBM with varied vocals.
       The songs delivered here have the same crisp, clean and polished edge to them that other great EBM acts such as Covenant and recent VNV Nation create. The music is constructed with layers upon layers of inventive and creative electronics, sampling, ambient sounds and driving drum beats. The vocals range from slightly distorted accented growling to clean untreated melodic singing. This really helps to add a lot of variety to each of the songs.
       Some tracks are energy packed and aggressive electro-industrial, while others are dance EBM. There are even some great synth-pop moments to be found here. This CD also delivers three instrumentals that are quite good.
       The end of the CD has two remixes of the song “The Voice” done by the bands And One and Beborn Beton. They did an excellent job with the song and made both versions sound nothing alike. That’s the great thing about this entire album, no two songs sound alike. Even though everything fits together quite well, there’s a lot of diversity in each of the tracks to make them all interesting to listen to.
       I really enjoy listening to electronic music that includes this much variety and ingenuity to it. If you like electro-industrial, EBM and synth-pop music, you owe it to yourself to get this album.

Note from Rabies: "The Voice" reinterpretted by And One is my favorite track. In fact it's bound to be a club hit if DJs decide to push it.