Album: "Second Path" (1999)
Label: Metropolis Records
Style: Electro
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Nicholas

This is the long awaited relese of the first Cleen album after we were teased by the Designed Memories EP.  While I can't attempt to describe anything Myer does because his sounds are so fresh, I can compare it to his other works. This album doesn't hit quite as hard as the first EP, and the vocals are a bit more poppy than before.  In fact, the whole feel of the album is a simpler pop format, with drum rhythms being much less complex than haujobb's.  The first

track, "Sunburst", sounds a lot like "Believe" from the Designed Memories EP, which is not included here.  In fact, the only thing from that EP that is included is a [special '99 blackfloor edit] of "did you forget".  This mix is not as good as the original, since I expected the pounding drums and tranciness of the version I was used to but instead got a more ambient piece that turns into a soft rave or house edit.

I have complained a lot already about the drums and the softness, but let me say that the great sounds and textures of Myer are all here but are used in a different way than Haujobb.  After a few listens the beats and vocals can be pushed aside so that the melodies and textures can be examined more closely. I must say that this album was exiting to get since it gives a full album by Myer of something besides drum & bass or minimalism.  If you liked the last EP, you will grow to like this album despite the poppier sound.