Album: "Everybody Hates You"
Label: Metropolis Records (2005)
Style: Electro-industrial/EBM/Power Noise
Songs: 13


Reviewed by: Darklight

This is the solo electro-industrial/EBM/power noise project of Andy LaPlegua. Andy is the lead singer of Icon of Coil. He also has another solo electro-industrial/EBM/power noise project called Panzer AG.

This Combichrist project is similar, but more experimental, then Panzer AG. While Panzer AG sticks to mainly heavy electro-industrial songs with vocals and power noise instrumentals, this Combichrist project offers much more variety.

Every track on this album is noisy, crunchy and energetic, so you don't need to worry about any slow songs. But you will have to like a lot of different electronic music genres to fully enjoy this entire album. It offers techno/trance/power noise hybrid instrumentals with voice samples ("this s*it will fcuk you up", "who's your daddy, snakegirl?", "god bless", "happy fcuking birthday", "lying sack of s*it", "without emotions"), structured electro-industrial songs with vocals ("enjoy the abuse", "today I woke to the rain of blood", "feed your anger", "like to thank my buddies"), and even a couple of EBM songs that sound like Icon of Coil ("I'm happy anyway", "blut royale").

While I like every song offered here, I still feel there's too many different styles of music featured that prevent the overall recording from sounding consistent. This basically sounds like a compilation album of different bands as opposed to one project doing everything.

It seems like Andy's main reason for this project was to create experimental techno / trance / power noise instrumentals with sampling that is completely unlike the music of Icon of Coil and Panzer AG. And if that's all that was offered here, this project would make more sense. But by including Icon of Coil type EBM and Panzer AG type electro-industrial, the project is missing its own unique sound.