Album: "The End Of Time Project"
Label: n/a (2001)
Style: Experimental electro rock
Songs: 8


Reviewed by: Darklight

Concept 7 is an amateur sounding experimental electro rock project that creates instrumentals with both rock elements and electronics. The songs are constructed with guitars placed over electronic sound effects and beats. Instead of having singing in the songs, there are voice samples that are repeated constantly. Basically, this music sounds like guitar rock and drum Ďní bass mixed into one. And while that might sound appealing to some people, it doesnít really work for me.

Each of the tracks are rather energetic and straight forward. So theyíre not boring, but theyíre not that exciting, either. The music is repetitive with a low-budget muffled recording and a lack of modern electronic programming techniques.

One track here, "3rd Emotive", does feature echo altered male vocals that fit really well. It sounds like a more complete song, and is actually quite good. Unfortunately, itís one of the only good songs offered here.

While there are some good ideas in this music, the overall album falls short of greatness. The electronic programming and sampling is rather amateurish and basic when compared to well established electronic artists. Basically, this music sounds like someone experimenting with computer music making software for the first time.

I really donít know what audience would find this fusion of rock and electro interesting as itís just not done very well. If youíre a really big fan of experimental electronic music with drum íní bass elements and chugging guitar riffs, then this just might be something to check out.