Album: self-titled (1999)
Label: Corrosive Records
Style: Electro punk
Songs: 4


Reviewed by: Darklight

This band creates punk music with an electronic edge. They mix odd electro sounds, noises and samples with guitar, bass, drums and male vocals. Three of the tracks "Scuzzy Hard Driver", "The Way" and "www.com" all sound fairly similar to each other. They seem campy and comical for the most part. Different sounds and instruments play at a frantic pace. There is heavy use of drum & bass combined with electric guitar. The music seems rather empty and amateurish. The vocals are basically just shouting of words over everything. These three songs just aren't that good in my opinion. However, the song "Cut Me" is good and stands out on this CD. It's catchy with cool rhythms and beats, deep bass, and funky scratch noises. The vocals are delivered in a more whispered style and fit with the music well. If the band ever produces a full length CD, I hope that the majority of the tracks are like "Cut Me", and not like the other drab tracks that are found here. This band most likely won't appeal to those who enjoy electro industrial/EBM music. But people that like Coldwave music might find them to be interesting.