Album: "Death of an Image"
Label: Deanima Music (2001)
Style: Industrial / Goth
Songs: 6


Reviewed by: Darklight

This band mixes the dark haunting beauty of goth with the aggressive electronic noise of industrial making for a great hybrid of the two sounds. The songs are energy driven with fast paced rhythms and beats and angry snarling male vocals with sinister melodies floating in the distance. There is a slight distorted noise sound blended in as well giving the music an industrial edge. There are a couple of somewhat mellow tracks that lean more toward darkwave bringing in a relaxing break from the harsher material.

The band shows quite a bit of variety here with a lot of interesting twists and turns included in each of the songs. The emotions switch from aggressive assaults to calmer moments constantly keeping the listener on edge. But even with all of the good things this band does, there still seems to be something missing. The overall sound recording is a bit amateurish, and the music isnít as layered as I would like. But this band does show a lot of potential on this release, and I look forward to a full-length by them.