Album: "Funkatron" (1999)
Label: Flaming Fish Music
Style: Coldwave / Electro industrial
Songs: 14


Reviewed by: Darklight

Cult Of Jester is the solo industrial project of Ed Finkler. I give him credit for really mixing it up on this CD. He manages to make every track unique with a lot of variety, but it all still fits together. The CD opens with "Teenage Warhead" which sounds like a Nine Inch Nails and Rob Zombie song mixed into one. It's heavy, aggressive, straight forward and a bit short. But it still packs quite a punch for an opening track. Track two "Retro O.G." has more of a funk flavor with some techno sounds and an aggressive edge. The vocals are grunted in a slight rap style. This would be a good club track. Track three "One More Time" grabs you right from the start. This song just flat out rocks. It's rather heavy with guitars and rough deep vocals. There are great electronics mixed in as well. It's a bit straight forward, but the energy is fantastic. Track four "Funkatron" adds in great variety with a mix of whispered vocals that sing over the electronic rhythms and beats, while for the chorus the vocals are deep and gothic. It's a very catchy song with melody. Track five "P-Mondo" is an excellent instumental with relentless driving rhythms and beats that will make your body move. Track six "Lucretia My Reflection" is an amazing cover of The Sisters Of Mercy classic. Ed Finkler really shows off a lot of skill and talent on this track proving the range of his musical abilities as well as excellent vocal work. Track seven "Posies" is another instrumental, but it's a lot more experimental and rather boring. Track eight "Ripple N' Hookers" has a techno/funk sound combined with clean deep vocals and a catchy chorus. It' melody driven with an uplifting vibe. Track nine "Master V3" is kind of dreary and repetitive with extremely distorted vocals. It's too straight forward and rather boring. It's the most amateur sounding track here. Track ten "Gana Trip" has a funky techno vibe with some spacey sounds as well. The vocals are whispered in a distorted style at times, and sing clear and deep during the chorus. It includes a lot of changes from start to finish that make it quite interesting. The remaining four tracks are remixes of "Teenage Warhead", "Retro O.G." and "Ripple N' Hookers". They are basically just stripped down techno versions of the songs. They're nothing to get too excited about considering that the originals are a lot better. My only real complaint with this CD is that most of the songs are just too short only reaching about three minutes in length. But overall I do recommend this CD to people searching for something a little more unique and varied in industrial music.