Album: "Materialization of Abomination"
Label: Funeral Decadence Productions
Style: Industrial / Darkwave
Songs: 6


Reviewed by: Darklight

This is the solo industrial/darkwave act of Viy O.D.. What he offers on this six song release is a varied blend of industrial noise instrumentals and darkwave songs with dreary vocals. The two different styles donít really go together. This ends up sounding like a compilation of different acts as opposed to just one. But itís obvious that Viy O.D. likes to dabble in different genres of music. Itís too bad that he doesnít really do either style very good. There is an amateur sound to everything here. While Viy O.D. does show promise on songs such as ďLimited AccessĒ, itís not enough to save this release. Listening to a noisy crunchy distorted electro instrumental and then a mellow dark and dreary gothic song just doesnít work. I feel that Viy O.D. should focus more on his darkwave music with vocals, and less on experimental noise in the future.