Album: "The Birth Of Future" (1998)
Label: Flaming Fish
Style: Industrial / Synth-pop
Songs: 12


Reviewed by: Darklight

Cybershadow is the solo project of Jess Macintyre. The songs found on this album are quite different from anything that I have heard in this genre of music before. I don't think that I could compare Cybershadow to any other band out there. The music is mainly created with orchestrated synth melodies and drum programming. There's not a lot of electronic sequencing or sampling. This tends to make the music sound a bit empty as if it's missing something. However, the approach here is more melodic and dramatic. This is not techno dance music. Each song manages to sound unique bringing in its own style. Some songs are energetic with various voice effects added to the vocals to give them a rather odd sound. Others are more relaxing with a synth-pop edge and feature clean singing. The overall album is a bit muffled with a low budget recording sound to it. Also, there's a slightly amateur feel to everything here. There are vocals on nine of the tracks and they range from high pitched yelling to more harmonic singing. There are instrumentals used as intro and ending pieces as well as one placed in the middle of the album. They actually fit in without sounding like filler. My favorite songs on the album are "Self-Control", "Social Conditioning" and "Responsibility". They are unlike anything else here. They're psychotic songs with demented singing and a lot of raw emotion. It's actually a shame that Jess didn't put more of these energetic hyper style of songs on the album. I personally feel that he does this style much better than his slow melodic synth-pop stuff. I like variety as much as the next person, but this album comes off sounding like an industrial and synth-pop compilation. The two just don't seem to go together making this album seem rather unbalanced. This is a good first effort and I do give Jess a lot of credit for trying something new and different. However, it's his energetic industrial songs that sound more original and creative. His synth-pop songs do come off sounding a bit generic. But the bottom line is that if you're tired of the same old thing in industrial music, give this Cybershadow album a try.