Album: "Liquid Fire"
Label: Tone Casualties (2001)
Style: Electro/ambient/experimental
Songs: 35


Reviewed by: Darklight

This is a beautifully packaged two disc set of electronic ambient experimental music by Gabor Csupo. The first disc is entitled Liquid and features 19 tracks. The second disc is entitled Fire and offers 16 tracks.

The overall music found here is what I have come to expect from bands and artists on the Tone Casualties label. Basically, what is delivered throughout the two discs here are mid-tempo compositions comprised of various electro sounds, samples and keyboard melodies. Since this is electro ambient experimental music, itís a very artistic form of sound manipulation that creates an interesting atmosphere. Dense sparse bass beats, varied electro effects, sampling, moody melodies and spoken word are mainly what make up the music here.

Some tracks are extremely dark and cold moving at a crawl, while others are more light and bright with an upbeat funky flavor. But personally this music does nothing for me. It creeps and crawls at a dreary pace with odd sound structures that come and go without any real direction to them. I canít imagine anyone sitting through two discs of this stuff. I can barely make it through a few of the tracks before I feel like banging my head against the wall. But this music is obviously not meant for me, and I must admit that Gabor Csupo is a creative electro musician. His music will appeal to those who enjoy electro ambient experimental artistic atmospheric instrumentals.